About White Tiger Taekwondo

To all the students who have begun their Taekwondo training at White Tiger Taekwondo, We would like to extend a warm word of welcome. Whatever your age or Martial Arts experience, White Tiger Taekwondo offers a unique training program from which you will benefit in many ways.

It isn’t rare to find that beginners experience a feeling of inadequacy about performing the movements involved. Through the unique training, our academy has to offer, you will find that both your confidence and self-esteem will exceed many of your biggest expectations.

… The most threatening situations require an instantaneous and appropriate response. At White Tiger Taekwondo you will be taught to think under extreme stress and control your emotions in the real world. What you can expect in our academy is that it will provide you with the best and one of the most complete Martial Arts training anywhere in the world. I sincerely believe that your training here will make you healthier and happier.

Taekwondo is...

  • An ancient form of Korean Martial Arts
  • An Olympic sport
  • A fun and exciting experience for anyone and everyone

Taekwondo translated to “the way of a foot and a fist” or “the art of kicking and punching.” It will get you into shape, improve your mental outlook, and allow you to live a happier and healthier life. In addition to offering a great total body workout every class, Taekwondo also focuses on the virtues of discipline, integrity, and reaching your goals.

Meet Our Grand Master

Chan Hee Woo
  • 7 DAN Black Belt(Tae Kwon Do) KUKKIWON
  • 4 DAN Black Belt (self-defense) Korea Hap Ki Do Federation
  • Sung Dong High School in Korea “Tae Kwon Do” The Head Coach
  • Han Yang University, Graduate-Bachelors Degree
    (Physical Education “Tae Kwon Do”)
  • Han Yang University, Postgraduate-Bachelors Degree
    (Physical Education “Tae Kwon Do”)
  • 14th Korean Seoul City Tae Kwon Do Championship Award 1st place (sparring) in 1994
  • 7th Korean National Tae Kwon Do Championship Award 1st place (sparring) in 1995
  • USA Junior National Tae Kwon Do Sparring Team Coach in 2006
  • USA National Tae Kwon Do Sparring Team Championship New York State Senior Head Coach & Team Manager (Detroit. Michigan) in 2008
  • 11th International Tae Kwon Do Referee in Austin Texas in 2011
  • 26th World University Olympic Game (Universidad Game) as the U.S.A National Team Head Coach and Female Team leader in 2011 (Shenzhen) China

Our Goals


Respect and Martial Arts go hand in hand. As adopted from Asian cultures practices such as bowing, removing one’s shoes and showing a difference to a more senior ranking student are all methods of demonstrating respect.


To be physically healthy, mentally focused and emotionally self-confident. Take away these strengthens with every class and be in charge of your emotions and actions.


Perseverance goes far deeper than just its value in Martial Arts. A “never give up” attitude will benefit you at school, at home and in your personal and professional lives.


Self-Control means more than just avoiding conflict, it represents staying balanced in all areas of one’s life. Learn to control your impulses. Apply moderation to the amount of eating, socializing, work and even exercise that you do.


“Do the right thing”.I do the right thing even if itis not popular with others. I take pride in taking care of myself and my things. I keep my promises.

Stripe System / Belt Level

White Stripes

White Stripes are given for perfecting the new level of Basic Program

Orange Stripes

Orange Stripes are given for perfecting a new level of Kicking

Green Stripes

Green Stripes are given for perfecting a new Form

Blue Stripes

Blue Stripes are given for perfecting One step sparring / Self Defence

Purple Stripes

Purple Stripes are given for passing the Board Breaking Practice

Red Stripes

Red Stripes are awarded as a step towards advancement to the Next

Black Belt

Black Stripes are awarded for the following… (a minimum of 6 stripes is required prior to the next belt test)

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Taekwondo?

Taekwondo is a Martial Art that was established approximately 2000 years ago in Korea. It has been passed down from generation to generation from master to student. Taekwondo was officially standardized under the now World Taekwondo Federation after the Korean War. This Martial Art is the most widely practiced form of martial arts in the world today.

Is Taekwondo and Karate the same thing?

No, they are not the same, but they are very closely related. Taekwondo originated in Korea just as Karate originated in Japan. Taekwondo emphasizes fluid movement and kicking more since the legs are much stronger and have a longer length than the arms/hands. As for Karate, it puts more emphasis on swift hand movements.

Do you need to be in good shape or naturally athletic to do Martial Arts?

No, not at all. You will learn at your own pace and will get into shape at your own pace (but you WILL get into shape).

Is Martial Arts just for young adults?

Students can start at any time they want. We recommend starting as early as 3 and a half years old, but you can join even if you are 74 years of age. The programs are established to help any age.

Is there a high risk of Injury?

Believe it or not, you have a greater chance of being injured playing golf than practicing Martial Arts. Less than 1% of children will sustain any kind of injury as a result of Martial Arts training. Most other sports could never make that claim! You will be learning to fight and to defend yourself while learning self-control and proper techniques.

Will my son and daughter become more violent if he/she practices Martial Arts?

On the contrary; youngsters will learn self-control and respect for others. This will allow the deterrence of violence and other forms of negative social behavior.

How long dose it take to become a Black Belt?

Through hard work and diligence, a skilled and determined student with a mature attitude can achieve Black Belt approximately 5 years. However, this depends on a number of factors.

Should women and girls take Martial Arts?

Taekwondo is for everybody. Female enrollment accounts for 50% or higher in most schools since females are more likely than males to be targeted for crimes, they have even more of a reason to learn self-defense.

By reaching Black Belt does that mean you're an expert and reached the end of your training?

Earning Black Belt means you have mastered the basics of Taekwondo, and now the door is open to continuing training with a much deeper understanding. After 1st Degree, there is 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, and so on (up to a 10th degree).

Is there one Martial Arts superior to all others?

Every Martial Arts style can offer numerous benefits. It is essential, however, that you find one that is compatible with your needs and select an instructor who will help you achieve your goals.

How long will it take before I can learn to defend myself?

There is no exact date; it will vary from student to student. Self-defense starts from the mind. You must feel that you are worth defending. You will begin your techniques from the very first day, but building the confidence to use them will take time.

Didn't find the answer?

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